Tue Feb 4 14:12:12 PST 2003

Or it's a title - "servant", say.  Maybe this is in a language
Vlad doesn't recognize - say recently-fashionable Serioli.

The child-name-switch thing (not nearly as bad as the ex-and-current-
wife-name-switch thing) comes, I bet, from mixing different storage
systems, not anything Sethra (uplifted Dragaerans in general?) should be
susceptible to...

- Philip

On Tue, 4 Feb 2003, David Silberstein wrote:

> On Tue, 17 Dec 2002, Ruhlen, Rachel Louise (UMC-Student) wrote:
> >When Vlad first goes to Dzur Mountain, the servant is Chez (not sure
> >on the spelling, don't have it in front of me.) Later when he goes to
> >Dzur Mountain, at least in _Issola_, and I think another time as
> >well, the servant is named Tukko. The description of him is similar
> >regardless of his name.
> I had the notion - and I might be wrong on this - that perhaps
> Sethra's servant's name has been "Tukko" this whole time, and
> when Vlad heard Sethra *say* "Chaz, do X" (I forget what "X"
> was, being AFB), Vlad incorrectly *inferred* that "Chaz" was
> the servant's given name, and "Chaz" is in fact something else.
> It might be a nickname or diminutive, it might be an endearment
> (why not?  Sethra might become fond of her servants if they
> serve her well for hundreds or thousands of years), or it could
> be that "Chaz" was the name of a *previous* servant, and Sethra
> had a memory dereference error because she was distracted by
> all the things she was worrying about (getting Aliera out of that
> staff, the Jenoine, etc)(heck, mothers do the same with their
> own children's names with *far* less excuse.).  And later Vlad
> found out what Tukko's name was for reals.
> Or perhaps Vlad had a brain fart because it wasn't that important
> to him at the time.