[Slightly OT] Amazon's "Share the Love"

Gaertk at aol.com Gaertk at aol.com
Tue Feb 4 18:34:25 PST 2003

(or whatever they call it)

I just ordered _Book of Athyra_ today, and Amazon wanted me
to tell all my friends to order it too, offering discounts or
something if so.  I of course said no, since I hate spam and
won't inflict it on my friends.


Afterwards I realised that I do know the email addresses of
lots of people, at least some of whom are likely ordering 
this book now.  And I assume many of us will be ordering
_Lord of Castle Black_ when it comes out.  And I've decided
that I don't care if people here benifit from me buying these
books, so...

You all officially have my permission to use my email 
( gaertk at aol.com ) for this thingy when ordering new books by
Brust, as well as new stuff from Terry Pratchett and Jo 
Walton.  (Right now, those are the only authors I buy in

PS to Mark: I tried to use the link from your website for the
order.  Did it work as advertised?