Wed Feb 5 14:42:18 PST 2003


I'm new to this whole mailing list and I just wanted to ask one question 
concerning the books.  

I've just recently reread Taltos and in that book they mention a character or 
two that sound familiar (namely from PotD).  Now, is there any connection 
between Loraan(the wizard that has Aliera's soul in Taltos), Orlaan(the 
sorceress who is looking for Aliera's sould in PotD) and Rolaan(some guy in 
one of the Vlad books whose function/purpose I really can't remember at the 
moment).  It might have been brought up before or it might be the most 
stupidly obvious question that any of you have ever heard but I thought I'd 
throw that out there for my sake more than anything.

Many thanks,