Wed Feb 5 14:45:57 PST 2003

On Wednesday, February 5, 2003, at 05:42 PM, Eric Schmidt wrote:

> Hello,
> I'm new to this whole mailing list and I just wanted to ask one 
> question
> concerning the books.
> I've just recently reread Taltos and in that book they mention a 
> character or
> two that sound familiar (namely from PotD).  Now, is there any 
> connection
> between Loraan(the wizard that has Aliera's soul in Taltos), Orlaan(the
> sorceress who is looking for Aliera's sould in PotD) and Rolaan(some 
> guy in
> one of the Vlad books whose function/purpose I really can't remember 
> at the
> moment).  It might have been brought up before or it might be the most
> stupidly obvious question that any of you have ever heard but I 
> thought I'd
> throw that out there for my sake more than anything.
> Many thanks,
> Eric

Despite conspiracy theorists here, there is no connection. Steve said  
that was a coincedence and if he had caught the Orlaan name he would 
have changed it.