Grateful Dead in Fenario

Fri Feb 7 20:54:30 PST 2003

>From: Steven Brust wrote:
>>Tuz:Fire = "Fire on the Mountain" (?)
>If you'll note, the city of Tuz is located on a mountain...

Yes, I noted that; you perceive if it were near a marsh or in the forest, I 
would have had no idea or tried to come up with something else....so where's 
"Scarlet Begonias" or "China Cat" then? *smirk*

>>Mord,fal:Grim,stuff/gobble/cushion/engorge (this I have absolutely no 
>Cumberland, if I recall correctly.  A stretch, I know.

No, not bad... Grim = blues; when one is stuffed or engorged one is 

Idea: (18 years late, but still an idea)

Lenyomtaj Banya -- probably too obvious but it doesn't look like you were 
trying to hide the names or lyrics.

And, :) there goes one of my ideas for "Sotet Odu," (though you've used 
Sotet before as "dark" so I still have an idea or two) :) Thanks.


~Holly~  @>--,'---

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