SPOILER for _Dragon_...what's up with Vlad, again?

Tue Feb 11 11:45:57 PST 2003

> > I thought this was a rare case for Aliera to be able to do that.  I
>She did say Sethra could help Vlad remember as well.  And he doesn't have 
>physical bloodline, and he's not that powerful a sorceror.

I interpreted that to mean that she'd use some sorcerous technique to grant 
him access to those memories.

>From the casual way they discussed it, I didn't get the impression that this 
was Knowledge that No Dragaeran was Meant to Know but, rather, something 
fairly run of the mill.  Of course, run of the mill of that crowd may well 
be extraordinary by regular Dragaeran standards.

I will say that, even since she offered, I've been waiting for the other 
shoe to drop and him to take her up on it.  Brust is *such* a tease!

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