SPOILER for _Dragon_...what's up with Vlad, again?

Wed Feb 12 11:09:14 PST 2003

>Everybody does
>something different... but to me, rolling your eyes back in your head
>denotes seizure or sorcery. It's not normal. (And when I try it... rather

Well, I'll just have to agree to disagree with you on this one then, unless 
the author wants to interject some insight on what he meant by this comment. 
I can't believe this line has sparked this much discussion so far... I never 
read anything into it, I think I just read it more figuratively....like 

* I tell my boss "You know I am jumping through hoops for you today" It 
doesn't mean I am literally having one of my co-workers hold up some big 
round hollow circular object and I am jumping through it (though I wouldn't 
put it past me if we had one in the office, actually with my skipping 
through the halls and playing wheelie chair races with my co-workers I don't 
even think my boss would be surprised).

* I tell the SO (leech, whatever), "You are so dead!" or "You are such an 
ass"  It doesn't mean he's a donkey or that I plan to kill him...yet.

* I say something completely stupid in school and the profs. "head spins 
around" to stare me down and then he "laughs until his sides split"... it 
doesn't mean he is doing the exorcist thing or that we need to call the 
medics because his bones are breaking and his skin is tearing apart.

* I rough and tumble with the boys and I'm small and "as light as a 
feather", and when we play I "go flying through the air"... it doesn't mean 
I only weight .5 ounces or that I've sprouted wings or am levitating...* 
starts day dreaming about how fun it would be to fly :D *

I don't know, maybe it's because I've used this phrase before. Maybe it's 
because since I was 13 I've seen my fathers eyes "roll to the back of his 
head" every time I tell him some wild day-dream of what I would like to do 
with my life that is not what he has in mind for me, I saw his "eyes roll to 
the back of his head and steam come from his ears" when I finally sat him 
down and said "let's come to a compromise", but I think that you (and anyone 
else for that matter) are reading way to much into this statement.

~Holly~ (Who promises to get in a goofy mood again right this moment.. will 
go and get coffee or cranberry soda to get there... always works)


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