$60 Poker Lesson

Wed Feb 12 12:16:19 PST 2003

Well, I'm jealous.  One of my girlfriends [1] was in Vegas (albeit for 
unhappy reasons) and, since she was there, took up Mr. Brusts standing offer 
for a poker lesson.

Sure, she ended up $60 down, but she got to spend a nice hunk of time with 
him (as well as garnering a few autographs). After much begging and 
undignified pleading, on my part, she's agreed to write up a report for me 
to forward to the list.  One tidbit: apparently he *never* takes that hat, 
of his, off.

-- Andrew Lias

[1] It's... complicated.  Please be assured, however, that no one is being 
decieved or misled.

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