Dragaeran memory

Wed Feb 12 18:52:18 PST 2003

Okay, I've sort of lost where in the thread to insert this, so it's
just getting flung out there.

Since we've been discussing the possible memory features of Dragaerans
in general, and Sethra in specific, the following exchange in FHYA
struck me:

Page 478

	At about this same time, Tazendra said, "It is demeaning to have
to make one's own klava."
	"How," said Aerich, frowning.  "Demeaning?"
	"She means," said Pel, "that it is humiliating."
	"I do not comprehend," said Aerich.
	"It is humiliating," said Pel, smiling, "because it has been so
long since she was required to do so that she has forgotten how."
	Tazendra grunted.  "Well, that may be."

So possibly Dragaerans /do/ forget things, if they don't need to
memory, or possibly if the memory just isn't important to them.

One other thing we haven't addressed in this vein (at least in this
thread) is psi-prints.  If they can use psi-prints for art, is it
possible they can use them for memory enhancement as well?

On the other hand, did they have psi-prints before Adron's Disaster?
I noticed that Tazendra referred to a "picture" in Gyorg's room,
rather than a psi-print.  If psi-prints are a recent invention, then
that kills off this particular line of inquiry.



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