Dragaeran memory

Thu Feb 13 08:27:45 PST 2003

On Thu, 2003-02-13 at 03:53, Philip Hart wrote:
> On Wed, 12 Feb 2003, lazarus wrote:
> > So possibly Dragaerans /do/ forget things, if they don't need to
> > memory, or possibly if the memory just isn't important to them.
> >
> > One other thing we haven't addressed in this vein (at least in this
> > thread) is psi-prints.  If they can use psi-prints for art, is it
> > possible they can use them for memory enhancement as well?
> >
> > On the other hand, did they have psi-prints before Adron's Disaster?
> > I noticed that Tazendra referred to a "picture" in Gyorg's room,
> > rather than a psi-print.  If psi-prints are a recent invention, then
> > that kills off this particular line of inquiry.
> I'm in the "Sethra-is-not-relying-on-a-computer-and-Dragaeran-memory-
> is-just-human-memory-souped-up-to-match-their-lifetime" camp - for one
> thing we beat the whole tech thing to death.  And remember Kiera's eyes
> not rolling back in her head when discussing "breaking the stick".

It's an interesting idea that the memory is just souped up.. but that
still doesn't quite work for Sethra.  Sethra is hundreds or thousands of
times older than most Dragaerans get, so even if she had this souped up
memory, it probablly still wouldn't last her lifetime.  However, wasn't
it once said that Sethra has forgotten more about magic than anyone
alive currently knows?   It lends towards everyone forgetting stuff,
however I always thought it weird as magic had progressed so much since
the Interregnum.

As for souped-up memory.  There is something to support that.  When the
Easterners were brought to the planet, the Jenoine increased their
psionic abilities before making the Dragaeran stock.  Its quite possible
that the increased psionic abilities increased memory storage as well.