Dragaeran memory

Joshua Kronengold mneme at io.com
Thu Feb 13 09:04:43 PST 2003

Jag writes:
>It's an interesting idea that the memory is just souped up.. but that
>still doesn't quite work for Sethra.  Sethra is hundreds or thousands of
>times older than most Dragaerans get, so even if she had this souped up
>memory, it probablly still wouldn't last her lifetime.

Er...this presumes that memory is stored souley (typo intentional) in
the brain.  Given that Sethra is a necromancer (meaning she can work
with souls and gateways, near as I can tell), it seems reasonable that
she'd be able to access "soul memory" as well as bodily memory.

>However, wasn't it once said that Sethra has forgotten more about
>magic than anyone alive currently knows?

I think so.

>It lends towards everyone forgetting stuff, however I always thought
>it weird as magic had progressed so much since the Interregnum.

Not really -- magic has gotten more -powerful- since the Interregnum,
but this is like saying that technology has gotten so much better
since the built the new nuclear power plant.  Sure, someone with less
knowledge can now learn to do a lot more...but there are plenty of
things that Sethra can do that she couldn't before...and things she
can do that nobody else can, because they don't rely on the orb,
instead relying on Dzur Mountain, Iceflame, Elder Sorcery, or
something else.

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