Let's Get It On (Was: : Re: Dragaeran memory ) (Spoilers for Issola, whichI hope everyone has now read that it's in paperback)

David Rodemaker dar at horusinc.com
Thu Feb 13 10:08:03 PST 2003

> S Lumley / s piotto writes:
> >She never specified top or bottom dude. Look before you leap.
> Eh -- "bondage babe" pretty much tends to imply bottom.
> Textually...this would be because of the word choice -- "bondage babe"
> implies that the babe comes -with- bondage, while one would use a
> different term to imply that said babe likes to -apply- bondage.
> It's so important to use language properly, after all.
> And to throw something on-topic into here: why isn't the Dragaeran
> empire more decadent?  Near as I can tell, they've got very few moral
> boundaries...but open sex seems to be largely the halmark of the
> Jhereg (and even that seems to be pretty tame), likewise for drugs.
> Is there are Tsyolanu-like class of decadent people (left over from
> the last Phoenix reign, maybe)?  Or is this just Not Done?

Probably to one degree or another, but I think that mainly Steve wants to be

Laurell K. Hamilton had an interesting set of comments on this 'issue'.

Evidently one of the reasons she can write that sort of thing (or Anne
Bishop or Jacqueline Carey I would guess) and not have it rejected as porn
(soft or hard) is because she's a woman.

Then she gets nailed because 'nice girls don't write (or read) that sort of

And then everybody goes out and buys it!