OT: everyone's favorite woman (was 'let's get it on)

Thu Feb 13 11:31:45 PST 2003

- Holly - wrote:

> >(does that count as a 'snarky' comment?)
> No!! Please!! Make it more snarky!! I have already embarrassed myself and
> dug myself into a whole (though it's not the first time)... someone needs to
> put me in my place,

ok, I am here to put you in your place
(me holding the velvet ropes and the sack full of feathers)

> start making snarky comments and poking serious fun
> instead of being like all these boring men... I put out there something that
> is so very pompous, egotistical, and that is completely "airing my dirty
> laundry" so to speak, and what do I get?? To quote the part of John Lyden in
> Sid and Nancy "Boring, Boring, Boring Sidney"....I would do it to any of
> you... trust me I'm a smart-ass I would find it extremely amusing... hell I
> make fun of myself, I've already made fun of myself on this topic because no
> one else would :D
> Thanks Valerie! :D :)
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