OT: everyone's favorite *men* (was 'let's get it on)

Thu Feb 13 14:19:39 PST 2003

David Rodemaker wrote:

> Hmmm.... <thinking> Hmmmmm.....
> Bondage Boi I think...

Bishi - Boi - Babe - same difference ;-)

> <eg>
> But I do like the shirt, and so will my wife when I show her tonight!

I should be getting commission *grin*

Now I just have to keep reminding myself that Dragaera is not populated 
by bishonen no matter how much I want to imagine otherwise.



P.S. I'm betting Aliera is more to a top but Morrolan is definately a 
sub... and I just had a mental image of Lady Teldra in dominatrix garb 
do I think it's time to stop.