Let's Get It On (Was: : Re: Dragaeran memory ) (Spoilers for Issola, whichI hope everyone has now read that it's in paperback)

Thu Feb 13 14:48:11 PST 2003

On Thu, Feb 13, 2003 at 02:47:11PM -0600, David Rodemaker <dar at horusinc.com> wrote:
> > On Thu, Feb 13, 2003 at 12:08:03PM -0600, David Rodemaker
> > <dar at horusinc.com> wrote:
> > > Probably to one degree or another, but I think that mainly
> > Steve wants to be
> > > published.
> > Norman of Gor didn't seem to have trouble.
> Y'know that's sort of like discussing H.R. Eddison as being at the forefront
> of modern fantasy writing, or Lord Dunsay.

I didn't say he was good.  I said he got published.

> > > Laurell K. Hamilton had an interesting set of comments on this 'issue'.
> > > Evidently one of the reasons she can write that sort of thing (or Anne
> > > Bishop or Jacqueline Carey I would guess) and not have it
> > rejected as porn
> > > (soft or hard) is because she's a woman.
> > > Then she gets nailed because 'nice girls don't write (or read)
> > that sort of
> > > stuff'... And then everybody goes out and buys it!
> > Eh.  Not anymore.
> > Her first 4 or 5 Anita Blake books were really good adventure
> > stories that happened to have a bit of sexual content/tension.
> > Then she turned off practically everything but the sex, and the
> > books started to suck (no, no, in a BAD way).  It's been going on
> > that way long enough that I've pretty much decided not to buy
> > anything of hers in hardcover until she straightens out again...
> > and this was just after she got promoted to hardcover in the
> > first place.
> > Since everyone else I know who has been reading the books has
> > been saying the same thing, I suspect that the publisher must be
> > going "ouch".
> Since she's on Book 10, with #11 coming out this year, in hardcover, I
> suspect that somebody's buying the books. Evidently she's one of the few
> authors to have a seriously cross-genre (like fantasy-horror-romance)
> fanbase. The complaints I've read and heard focus less on the increase of
> sex and more on the lack of Jean-Claude (and sex with him).

I confess that I have still been buying in HC up through the last 
new release -- but that was the first HC release, AND also the 
book that made me decide "not in hardcover".

> That's before we even touch the Meridith Gentry novels which make the Anita
> Blake stuff look like tame.

True, which is why I won't buy those at all.

> Besides, Obsidian Butterfly had hardly any sex in it at all. <g>

You did read the book, yes?  Just because Anita wasn't having sex 
doesn't mean it's not there.

> I only just started reading the damn books this Yule, and was suprised at
> them, but still liked them. As did my wife, as did the other people who we
> threw them at.

You haven't been following long enough to spot the flaws, then.

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