Let's Get It On (Was: : Re: Dragaeran memory ) (Spoilers for Issola, whichI hope everyone has now read that it's in paperback)

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Thu Feb 13 15:47:59 PST 2003

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> > > > Probably to one degree or another, but I think that mainly
> > > Steve wants to be
> > > > published.
> > > Norman of Gor didn't seem to have trouble.
> > Y'know that's sort of like discussing H.R. Eddison as being at
> the forefront
> > of modern fantasy writing, or Lord Dunsay.
> I didn't say he was good.  I said he got published.

I was trying to say that he wasn't exactly a recent author, or a
particularly good example of the current market.


> I confess that I have still been buying in HC up through the last
> new release -- but that was the first HC release, AND also the
> book that made me decide "not in hardcover".

Well, the publisher didn't decide to start putting her out in HC if her last
4-5 novels have been steadily losing sales. I suspect that the huge amount
of sour grapes that come from Narcissus is that 'the boy scout' seems to be
leaving the series. I'm not convinced of this, but it's a possibility

> > Besides, Obsidian Butterfly had hardly any sex in it at all. <g>
> You did read the book, yes?  Just because Anita wasn't having sex doesn't
mean it's not there.

Without getting graphic-

Ok, where? We have the scene in the club (with the vamps/jaguars), and the
'scene' at the end with the stepkids (a rather well done, though I hate even
saying that, rape scene) That's all I can remember off the top of my head.
There is a *great* deal of implied sexual D/s type stuff, along with the
revelation that Hamilton is a size queen (confirmed in the next novel AFAIC)
The shower scene at the end, the scene in the tavern 'show' that. We also
learn the fact that Olaf is one really sick b---tard, but never see him do

Heck, I think it's her longest book yet though Narcissus might be longer,
and there's *two* explicit scenes?

[Sarcasm alert]

By that argument the Dragera books are almost as sexually oriented. I mean
there's note of the fact that Vlad and Cawti are married, attracted to one
another, and *gasp* did 'it' at least once we are lead to believe...

> > I only just started reading the damn books this Yule, and was
> > suprised at them, but still liked them. As did my wife, as did the other
> > people who we threw them at.
> You haven't been following long enough to spot the flaws, then.

No, I just don't happen to agree that they are flaws. Would I prefer for her
to tone down the sex? Not really, or rather if the stories continue to be
good, I'm just as happy to read modern-fantasy/horror/romance/porn.

The major plot point from the last half of the series, which is pretty
obvious if you read them back to back, is that Anita is leaving her humanity
behind, she's as nasty or nastier than most of the monsters out there, and
moving on to becoming a Power in her own right. It's a similar theme that
Hamilton explores in the Gentry books.