Firefly (was 'Re: Smothers Brothers')

Nathan P. Bardsley nathan at player.org
Thu Feb 13 16:24:52 PST 2003

While there are video cards with tv-out and all of that, it's really just 
easier to stick a SVCD in the $70 Apex DVD player and be done with 
it.  Divx is better quality, but sometimes convenience is more 
important.  And the odds are better that you'll find what you're looking 
for as a VCD/SVCD then as a Divx file.


At 02:53 PM 2/13/2003 -0800, Gomi no Sensei wrote:
>On Thu, 13 Feb 2003, David Gunderson wrote:
> > There's a lovely little format out there called 'SVCD' for all you other
> > people who love to download Tv episodes for whatever reason (I use it 
> like a
> > VCR)
>Yeah, see, the thing about that is the VCD video quality is...what's the
>word I'm groping for here...assy? Yes. 'Assy' would cover it, if stretched
>quite thin.
>DivX > *VCD.
>paul e.