Firefly (was 'Re: Smothers Brothers')

Thu Feb 13 16:31:08 PST 2003

Nathan P. Bardsley wrote:
> While there are video cards with tv-out and all of that, it's really 
> just easier to stick a SVCD in the $70 Apex DVD player and be done with 
> it.  Divx is better quality, but sometimes convenience is more 
> important.  And the odds are better that you'll find what you're looking 
> for as a VCD/SVCD then as a Divx file.

At the risk of sounding like an advertisement: there's a PlayStation2 
product called QCast that allows you to run a server on your computer 
(the server is written in Java and, according to the manual, will run 
under Windows, Linux or MacOS). Via the PS2 ethernet adapter and a 
standard LAN connection, you can then stream multimedia from your 
computer to your PS2 and watch it on any television.

The software supports DivX, several varieties of MPEG video, MP3, OGG, 
and will even do slideshows of JPEG images. The QCast software itself 
costs around $49.95 if I remember correctly, and the PS2 ethernet 
adapter (sold separately) is in the same range.

I got both for Christmas and I'm happy as a fly on poop.

Ryan Grove
ryan at wonko.com