timely comments on _Athyra_ - decadence, memory, Buffy, ethnic cleansing

Fri Feb 14 11:04:10 PST 2003

Looking through _Athrya_ for evidence about my suspicion that Dragaerans
have souped-up senses, I noticed a couple of things.

Sara sings a "scandalously bawdy song" which "implied things about her
character and pleasures that Savn found unlikely".  This (and Savn's early
adolescent thoughts about girls) suggests to me that Teckla sexuality is
more or less human, hence there ought to be some decadence too.  I suspect
that Paarfi censors himself and Vlad hangs out with people more interested
in violence than indulgence.

We get to see Savn's memory work in various places (the excellent surgery
scene, for example) and it appears to be human (lifespan appropiate).

Vlad owes a debt to Master Wag.

Someone on this list (re _Issola_) wrote that 'Savn deserved more'.  This
reminds me of the treatment of Tara's death on Buffy tVS.  The latter does
bug me, the former not.

Savn reports that there was a tribe of Serioli living nearby until a few
hundred years ago - aka the end of the interregnum.  This seems like
(very scant) evidence for Serioli expansion and withdrawal paralleling
the empire's fall and rise.  On the other hand the S were around long
enough to produce Firdspeak aka the little-green-Jedi-speak, which would
likely take generations of exposure if it's at all likely (which I doubt).

- Philip