Literary Disappointments (was: The LKH thing)

Sat Feb 15 06:36:59 PST 2003


>The first series is excellent and I always recommend it. The second series 
>just made me give up. besides the repeating plot, how is it that rulers of 
>nations can just give everything up to go on a continent spanning quest?
>I did try others of his books but like you said: same plot, different 

I hate posting me-toos, but, me too!  I think that the Mallorean was one of 
the biggest disappointments in my reading history, particularly since the 
Belgariad was *so* very good.  Worse, I felt like an utter idiot for going 
out and buying all five books of the Mallorean... I just kept thinking, 
"It's got to start diverging at SOME point!"

So... this suggests a new topic.  What books/series have you been especially 
disappointed by and why?

Aside from the Mallorean, I Herbert's latter Dune books.  Different people 
put different books on the "Last Good Dune Book" list but, for me, the last 
one was actually God Emperor which, I felt, dealt with some really cool 
ideas and have a very alien "hero".  Heretics was merely incomprehensible 
and Chapterhouse was purely psychotropic in its incomprehensibility.

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