Literary Disappointments (was: The LKH thing)

Mon Feb 17 04:05:52 PST 2003

> So... this suggests a new topic.  What books/series have you been
> disappointed by and why?

As I've already noted, David Eddings.

Piers Anthony has already been mentioned several times but I can "me too"
that as well.

Anne Rice. By Queen of the Damned I was thinking it was turning sour. After
Tale of the Body Thief I was convinced she was just writing for masturbatory
purposes. Someone convinced me to read Memnoch as it was better than Body
Thief. It was but it was still crap.

Anne McCaffrey's Pern books. I think I held out till about the 13th book
before I gave up.

Terry Pratchet. Discworld. I may be in the minority but after the third book
I was bored out of my skull. Never bothered continuing. It didn't help
either that a person whom I disliked thought they were the best thing since
sliced bread.

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