Literary Disappointments (was: The LKH thing)

Mon Feb 17 07:13:52 PST 2003

> Once he's finished the series, I will probably get the remaining books 
> out
> of the library and force myself to read them, because I do feel 
> compelled
> to find out how that story ends. I refuse to give the guy any more 
> money,
> though. (I haven't since "Lord of Chaos", the "Nothing happens" book.)

Huh, you think of Lord of Chaos was bad, try A Crown of Swords, the 
next book. Zero happens. Goes nowhere, does nothing. Path of Daggers 
nearly killed me for the first 200 pages when nothing, I mean, nothing 
happened. It could have had a good payoff at the end but RJ decided 
some blatant plot manipulation was in order.