Literary Disappointments (was: The LKH thing)

Mon Feb 17 07:33:53 PST 2003

On Mon, 17 Feb 2003, Chris Turkel wrote:

@> > Once he's finished the series, I will probably get the remaining books 
@> > out
@> > of the library and force myself to read them, because I do feel 
@> > compelled
@> > to find out how that story ends. I refuse to give the guy any more 
@> > money,
@> > though. (I haven't since "Lord of Chaos", the "Nothing happens" book.)
@> Huh, you think of Lord of Chaos was bad, try A Crown of Swords, the 
@> next book. Zero happens. Goes nowhere, does nothing. Path of Daggers 
@> nearly killed me for the first 200 pages when nothing, I mean, nothing 
@> happened. It could have had a good payoff at the end but RJ decided 
@> some blatant plot manipulation was in order.

I actually did read "Crown of Swords", I just didn't pay for it: my local
library had a copy. What picks out "Lord of Chaos" as the "nothing
happens" book for me is the fact that for THE ENTIRE DAMNED BOOK, Rand is
talking about this secret plan that he has. That you never get to see. It
happens in the next book. And it is /not/ worth 1400 pages of build-up. 
1400 pages! I could have re-read the entire Vlad series! I could have
built a birdhouse! I could have finally watched that Record of Lodoss
War DVD! Instead, I got to find out about Egwene's neckline. Damn you,
Jordan, you stole part of my life and I want it back! YAARRGH!

Um, anyway. I've been trying to avoid doing this, but the temptation is
now impossible to resist: