Good books generally (was: Literary Disappointments)

Tue Feb 18 22:16:45 PST 2003

> Communication can be thought of as the putting across of an idea or
> concept. Good communication is a successful attempt. The better the
> communication, the clearer the concept is received. Since that is the
> goal of communication,
> then the proper use of the *method* of communication, while
> important, is a secondary objective.
> W

I in all ways completely agree with that statement.

What people forget about text is that it is dynamic symbolism.

The thing that creates problems is the rules are not dynamic they are fully

I restrained myself on the 'emotions are evil' statement in a prior thread
but I've got strong feelings to the opposite. If you are trying to convey a
though to me and you succeed (and it doesn't actively harm me or anyone
else) I find it good.

It's funny, years ago when I got turned off from books it was because I
thought compared to speech there was such a high chance of misinterpretation
that I should spend my time talking with people more, reading for facts, and
writing less.

Oh yeah and I'm a horrid speeeler, and people who are not seem to be the
biggest assholes in the world when correcting you.