LiveJournals anyone?

The Hostile Takeover Party ladybirdsleeps at hotmail.com
Tue Feb 18 23:50:28 PST 2003

MJ lost her spine:

> >M J writes:
> >  !  It's not _my_ fault!  It's SKZB's, for bringing Daymar-of-
> >  glompability to our attention!  I mean, LOOK at Daymar!  _You_
> >  to cuddle him, too!  Don't deny it!
> >
> >Sure, i like cuddling rakes.
>... rone wins.

Haha! I like cuddling rakes, too!

"rake. n.
An immoral or dissolute person; a libertine."

-[Snap!] goes the dragon.
"I'm lots smarter than you are. I challenge
you to understand even one of my paragraphs!"

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