Loiosh "talking" to others (was Re: An amusing notion...)

Wed Feb 19 18:26:05 PST 2003

At 21:17 2/19/2003 -0500, Mark A Mandel wrote:
>There's a passage where Vlad, Morrolan, & Aliera are sitting around in
>Castle Black and, approximately, Morrolan says something about "that
>thing", referring to Loiosh, then cocks his head as if listening and
>says to L., "You, that's who I'm calling a thing."  Do we ever see
>Loiosh communicating with anyone else than Morrolan, other than Vlad and
>Also, near the end of (_Phoenix_? the "work" on Greenaere Island),
>Loiosh told Morrolan of Vlad's captivity, after his heroic flight across
>the water and up to Castle Black. That was off stage, but IIRC not in
>It's not so clear (I think-- AFB) how he brought Noish-pa near the end
>of _Teckla_. ISTM that the simple fact of his showing up without Vlad
>would have conveyed a lot to Noish-pa, and Loiosh might have flown over
>to his sword as a way of telling him, "Bring this!"
>More distantly, does he communicate with Noish-pa's familiar Ambrus (a
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