An amusing notion about Vlad & Kiera.

Chris Olson - SunPS Chrisf.Olson at Sun.COM
Wed Feb 19 12:45:21 PST 2003

> [1] Perhaps she went and notified the Lords of Judgment about the
> dangerous financial crisis?  Perhaps the gods can bail out the Bank of
> the Empire.  :-)

I wonder:  What's the interest rate on God-loans?  And, if it's
not too high, what's the application process like?  Do they do
background checks?  Do they require a Morganti Security Deposit?

Just checking; I could use a loan.  Wouldn't take one from Verra,
though.  She's too sneaky and would probably want me to kill something
or take some quest or whatnot.  And that would be for the application
processing fee alone....

Chris (No, I'm not in a mood, why do you ask?)
"Life is the nightmare that leaves its mark upon you
in order to prove that it is, in fact, real."
	-Thomas Ligotti- 'The Sect of the Idiot'