Speaking of Vlad and Kiera

Wed Feb 19 15:31:14 PST 2003

I have a minor question, and perhaps this is addressed in a FAQ somewhere 
that I can't find, but:

This question involves complete spoilage for a revelation in ORCA.

In TALTOS, Vlad is coerced into going to Dzur Mountain because Sethra needs 
him for a job and she can't leave Dzur Mountain right then (because of an 
impending Jenoine problem that we don't learn about until later).

Vlad gets his courage up in part because while tasting Fenarian brandies, 
Kiera comes into the bar and tells him that she's got his back.

In ORCA, we learn that Kiera is a disguise for Sethra, a way for her to go 
out and about and have a bit of fun without being (ominous drumbeat) Sethra 

This raises the obvious question: How can Kiera encourage Vlad in 
Adrilankha when Sethra can't leave Dzur Mountain?

1. Kiera has an independent existence and Sethra can possess her remotely.

2. Kiera doesn't have an independent existence, but is just a spare body 
that Sethra can remotely possess.

3. Kiera is a projected image (as the D&D spell) of Sethra.

4. SKZB made a mistake.

5. Other?
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