Speaking of Vlad and Kiera

Wed Feb 19 16:12:10 PST 2003

>I am inclined to take "impossible to leave Dzur Mountain right now" at its 
>word.  Suppose Sethra leaves Dzur Mountain, even for a few minutes, and the 
>Jenoine attack.  Their first course of action will be to put up their 
>version of teleport blocks to keep Sethra out.  Now, if the blocks will 
>work--or even significantly impede her--Sethra can't risk leaving.  If the 
>blocks won't work (e.g. because of her oneness with Dzur Mountain), then 
>there's no reason why she can't leave indefinitely, including to visit Vlad 
>in the first place without the rigmarole.
>I don't see a scenario where she can risk leaving for a few minutes but not 
>for a few hours.  The Jenoine aren't quite Warpsmiths, but I wouldn't want 
>to give them a few minutes' gap.

Does anyone have Taltos or Orca in front of them or at arms length? (I'm AFB 
so anything written here is by my faulty memory) I don't recall Sethra 
specifically saying she can't leave Dzur Mountain because the Jenoine were 
about to attack, but only that she couldn't leave at the moment. I remember 
in Orca she recalled the Jenoine at Dzur Moutain (and my thoughts after 
reading PoD were that we will see this in
A) LoCB or B) Sethra Lavode *shrug*. Then again it's been awhile since I've 
read either and I just might be missing something, which wouldn't be 
unusual.) But, if I'm not forgetting something, maybe there was another 
reason altogether why she couldn't leave Dzur Mountain?

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