Loiosh "talking" to others (was Re: An amusing notion...)

Mark A Mandel mam at theworld.com
Wed Feb 19 18:17:46 PST 2003

There's a passage where Vlad, Morrolan, & Aliera are sitting around in
Castle Black and, approximately, Morrolan says something about "that
thing", referring to Loiosh, then cocks his head as if listening and
says to L., "You, that's who I'm calling a thing."  Do we ever see
Loiosh communicating with anyone else than Morrolan, other than Vlad and

Also, near the end of (_Phoenix_? the "work" on Greenaere Island),
Loiosh told Morrolan of Vlad's captivity, after his heroic flight across
the water and up to Castle Black. That was off stage, but IIRC not in

It's not so clear (I think-- AFB) how he brought Noish-pa near the end
of _Teckla_. ISTM that the simple fact of his showing up without Vlad
would have conveyed a lot to Noish-pa, and Loiosh might have flown over
to his sword as a way of telling him, "Bring this!"

More distantly, does he communicate with Noish-pa's familiar Ambrus (a

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