Loiosh "talking" to others (was Re: An amusing notion...)

Wed Feb 19 18:26:26 PST 2003

> There's a passage where Vlad, Morrolan, & Aliera are sitting around in
> Castle Black and, approximately, Morrolan says something about "that
> thing", referring to Loiosh, then cocks his head as if listening and
> says to L., "You, that's who I'm calling a thing."  Do we ever see
> Loiosh communicating with anyone else than Morrolan, other than Vlad and
> Rocza?

Funny you should ask - I am currently re-reading the whole series... on
_Yendi_ now and I have just recently read two separate passages in which
Loiosh communicates with Cawti.  In the first, Vlad is trying to tell Cawti
how he feels, and Loiosh tells her for him (resulting in some lovin' for
Vlad; seems a little unfair if you ask me).  In the second... oh, I just
read the reply from Warlord, who beat me to it.  "The couple that heaves
together, cleaves together."  =)

Mike <-- newbie