Speaking of Vlad and Kiera

Fri Feb 21 15:31:36 PST 2003

Steve Simmons wondered aloud to the group:
 > In the process, she took a motherless
 >Easterner with ownership of an ongoing business and turned him into
 >a thief, a thug, and a cold-blooded multiple murderer.

Is it not that Kiera expressed regret that Vlad wanted to get into the 
beating-people-up business, but got him the gig anyway?  Beyond getting him 
the job at the gambler's (wozname), she didn't get him offered "work", and 
he took his territory himself, though she helped him defend it.  Vlad made 
himself a force in the Jhereg; for what Sethra has used him for, it would 
have made no difference whether he was a bouncer in a shereba bar or the 
don of South Adrilankha.

In fact, from Vlad's earliest memories, Kiera's been nice to him, as you 
would be nice to a child, and then nice to a young adult, as you might be 
to someone who reminds you of someone you used to be friends with a long 
time ago.

Off the top of my head, I can't remember where Sethra said she was grooming 
Vlad.  Did she say she was grooming him for something specific, or was she 
just grooming him?  There is, I think, a difference between using someone, 
and using someone who is a friend and protege.  It is in the job 
descriptions of the latter to help their friends and mentors, and the aid 
is not unilateral.
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