Speaking of Vlad and Kiera (small POTD spoiler)

Fri Feb 21 16:12:54 PST 2003

>Wait for Book Two, I'd expect.  Morrolan may well have defended Zerika at 
>Deathgate, but she doesn't know about it yet.

Maybe, (and I can't wait to see book two to see what the actual story is, so 
far I'm in the Tazendra/Blackwand camp, it will be interesting to see), but 
it seems to me Morrolan at this point has no motive to defend Zerika other 
than if Verra told him to (which might be possible given the Lords of 
Judgment allowed Zerika to take the Orb, maybe Verra said "Hey, you there, 
what's-your-name, Rollandars son, hey nephew, yeah you, get you butt over 
there and make sure no one hurts that girl because craps about to hit the 
fan and we can't let some stupid little bandits kill her off before the 
Jenoine get their opportunity. Dammit, we paid our orb and we want to see 
the main event.") So, maybe this is the case, but then again, maybe not.

To me at least, in PoD it seems that Morrolans focus is more on figuring out 
exactly what he is and where he belongs in the world, he has yet to grow 
into the cool, dark and mysterous Dragonlord with a ferocious heart but a 
logical and clear mind. It appears that he doesn't really know of Dragaera 
or why the Empire, Orb, or anything else he appears to care about in the 
Vlad books is important, he's just emmm, nomadic and maybe young... to me, 
he has that teenager feel of "I don't know who I am so I am going to go on a 
journey of self discovery and try to expand my mind so I can figure that 
out". It certainly will be fun to find out how all this comes into play. :)

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