SPOILER for _Dragon_...what's up with Vlad, again?

Mark A Mandel mam at theworld.com
Sat Feb 22 01:35:25 PST 2003

On Fri, 21 Feb 2003, David Silberstein wrote:

#>Oh, and speaking of the Overcast / Enclouding - I also have the
#>notion that it was maintained during the Interregnum by the gods as
#>part of their ruse against the Jenoine.

Steve has said it was the result of people's casually using sorcery for
200,000 years to throw out the garbage and do all sorts of other stuff:
pollution, a waste product. As such (ISTM), it could easily not need
maintaining -- it might gradually wear away or dissipate in a few
millennia or a lot of millennia, but the Interregnum was too short for
that to happen.

#Afterthought:  Wondering about the change in terminology in tPotD, I
#have the notion that perhaps the Overcast has changed somehow just
#prior to (or during) Norathar's reign, and the term "Enclouding"
#refers to how it *used* to appear, prior to this change.  It might
#have gotten thicker, or more extensive - or it might have disappeared
#(so that "overcast", in the ~180th year of Norathar's reign, just
#means natural grey sky (like in the PNW)).
#Or perhaps "Enclouding" is simply what it was called during the
#Or it might just be Steve messing with us.  Bah.

Least hypothesis on "overcast"/"Enclouding" and "chaos"/"amorphia": the
first of each pair of terms is what they're ordinarily called by people
talking about them, and the second is either more technical and used by
specialists or more fancy and used by Paarfi.

-- Mark A. Mandel