Free (enough) Will (was: Dragaera and Shakespeare)

Sat Feb 22 10:46:29 PST 2003

>Ok, I need to write some code, but I do want to point to Norathar (not
>socialized as a Dragon I think but otherwise recognizably Dragony) and
>Mellar (a messy mixture socialized as a ? but still understandable on
>the basis of genetics) - Vlad (?) makes a speech about the strength of
>the House flavor toward the end of Jhereg I would quote if not AFB.

As I said, I think that House *does* influence behavior.  That's what I mean 
when I say that you *can* reasonably stereotype a Dragaeran house without 
necessarily indulging in bigotry.  The question is how *much* influence does 
House have.

I don't think that we've had a large enough sample to make determin an 
answer to that question beyond that they are more influence than humans are 
influenced by our racial difference, but that the actual degree remains 

>Note also that our sample size for Houses beyond Dragon and Jhereg is
>rather small so my speculations sadly tend to be based on individuals.

Which is precisely the problem, IMO. :)

>I disagree about What A Wonderful Chemistry but it doesn't matter.

Given that it's an aesthetic opinion, I can't tell you that you're wrong, 
but I am interested in knowing why you would disagree.

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