Unfamiliar familiars?

Tue Feb 25 11:44:32 PST 2003

On Sat, 2003-02-22 at 13:21, David Gunderson wrote:

> Something else to think about - Have we ever seen a witchcraft/magic hybrid 
> ?  Maybe something Morrolan cooked up and I've just forgotten ?  Because if 
> not, that could be REALLY neat :-)

Vlad has done a couple that are sorta like that.  IIRC, once or twice
he's used a dagger with that's been sorcerously charmed[0] to perform
witchcraft.  And I also seem to recall in one of the books he's about to
do a teleport and draws a witchcraft diagram or something like that with
a knife.  Kragar tells him its not needed, and he responds that it makes
it easier.

[0] I'm sure that's the wrong word, I just can't remember the right one.