Concerning Sethra

Tue Feb 25 11:53:48 PST 2003

On Mon, 2003-02-24 at 11:17, Dr. Elmo wrote:

> She also predates the formalization of the Houses, which means she's not 
> necessarily as much a Dzur as Tazendra is.  It's been said that she's a 
> Dzur, and her generalship indicts her as a Dragon [1] (as does Paarfi's 

More importantly, look at her involvement with the Dragon Council in
_Yendi_.  From talking about how she was there to make the claim against
Norathar's parents, and as well as taking such severe actions against
StY indicates to me that Sethra has a seat on the Dragon Council.  And
knowing dragons, I really doubt they'd let any non-dragons sit on the

Also, I seem to remember at one point someone was working for Sethra and
wore Dzur livery.

I've always taken Sethra to be dual-Housed, and probablly the only

[1] I'm referring to genetics as well as being accepted in both Houses. 
I know genetically she's not the only one, but I believe she is accepted
as a member of both Houses.