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Tue Feb 25 15:58:25 PST 2003

On Tue, Feb 25, 2003 at 01:20:53PM -0800, Philip Hart wrote:
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> During that window visit in _P_, Veera reveals (in a conversation in which
> she is bizarrely deferential to Vlad, or rather he presents her that way)
> that she had expected Kelly to do something else, something which would
> help Dragaerans and Easterners. Any ideas?  Speculation: she thought K
> would go along with conscription so he could argue that since the
> Easterners had helped with the war they should be treated better.  This
> seems to assume too much naivete' on K's part.

I don't have a textref at hand, but am fairly sure that Verra expected
Kelly et al to immediately rise to support their homeland in the war.
This is exactly what happened to the socialist movements of the early
1900s.  They were all for internationalism and cross-border workers rights
stuff right up to the instant that World War I started.  The instant the
war started, they were almost all patriots of their respective countries.
Assume Verra has read Tuchman[1] along with her Marx, it's a reasonable
assumption that Kelly et al would do the same.

  -- The Other Steve

[1] "The Proud Tower" and "August, 1914" by Barbara Tuchman
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