comments, question about _Phoenix_

Tue Feb 25 13:20:53 PST 2003

Vlad still has his link to the Orb when he visits Veera via Morrolan's
window - this seems odd given the permanent outage near Deathsgate Falls,
though maybe it is sensible to those with an acquaintance with celestial
geography.  And he checks the time when he returns - about two hours,
which presumably matches the subjective duration. So I think his question
to Aliera and M. about duration chez Veera before his trip via box in
_Issola_ doesn't say much for his presence of mind at the time.

During that window visit in _P_, Veera reveals (in a conversation in which
she is bizarrely deferential to Vlad, or rather he presents her that way)
that she had expected Kelly to do something else, something which would
help Dragaerans and Easterners. Any ideas?  Speculation: she thought K
would go along with conscription so he could argue that since the
Easterners had helped with the war they should be treated better.  This
seems to assume too much naivete' on K's part.

- Philip