comments, question about _Phoenix_

Tue Feb 25 13:27:04 PST 2003

On Tue, 2003-02-25 at 16:20, Philip Hart wrote:
> Vlad still has his link to the Orb when he visits Veera via Morrolan's
> window - this seems odd given the permanent outage near Deathsgate Falls,
> though maybe it is sensible to those with an acquaintance with celestial
> geography. 

Other than the fact that time doesn't necessarily work the same there, I
don't know of any evidence to imply that Verra's Halls are in the Paths
of the Dead.  And considering we're talking about Gods and Goddesses
here, I don't think the time weirdness is enough to suggest that Verra's
Halls are in fact in the Paths.