comments, question about _Phoenix_

Tue Feb 25 14:42:41 PST 2003

> <snip>
> > During that window visit in _P_, Veera reveals (in a conversation in
> > which she is bizarrely deferential to Vlad, or rather he presents her
> > that way) that she had expected Kelly to do something else, something
> > which would help Dragaerans and Easterners. Any ideas?  Speculation:
> > she thought K would go along with conscription so he could argue that
> > since the Easterners had helped with the war they should be treated
> > better.  This seems to assume too much naivete' on K's part.
> > 
> > - Philip
> Didn't tDG think that starting a war and conscripting Teckla would 
> end the budding revolution?
> I remember someone (possibly Vlad) arguing that it was too early in 
> the cycle for the Teckla to be on the winning side of a revolution 
> anyway.  Maybe tDG was concerned over too many needless 
> deaths. (It could happen.)
> M

Heh. I can hear her now ---
"Save the revolution for your children. You've got to to sacrific now.
 Oh look, there's a nice village...."