Circumventing Boredom with Commercials

Fri Feb 28 12:50:29 PST 2003

I'm just kinda bored, and the list isn't spitting out messages as if email 
is going to become old, so I figured I'd send out a Dragaera-List 
Commercial. *grins evily*

Maybe it will spark some discussion, or wake some people up, but mostly I 
send it to amuze myself before the bitch police come by and tell me to go 
somewhere and bitch for awhile in order to relive my boredom.

Anyway, here it is and though I think it is in the style of the Zoloft 
commercial, it was not inspired by it.

Do you ever feel bored?

Do you have an "okay" job but need more because your attention wains?

Do you have the internet at the office and the ability to play on it and 
still look like you are working?

Well then, join the Dragaera list today...

The Dragaera list, dedicated to the outrageous and wonderful works of Steven 
Brust will aid if you have troubles saying focused on one single thought and 
find yourself thinking about several things at the same time. It will go off 
topic to consider those questions that deal with large than life issues that 
man has been pondering since the beginning of time. Will it answer any of 
those questions? Of course not, but the list will debate the questions to 
death until they are beaten throughly into the ground. The Dragaera list may 
also from time to time speak about, question, and ponder the works of Steven 
Brust until it has throughly extracted anything of value from these works. 
The list only hopes that this is to the authors delight as he has commented 
on taking part in similar tasks himself.

Some readers find that their tiredness and restlessness slightly diminishes 
at they read and-or write to the message board. This aids in their 
frustration with their jobs and down-time. If you wish to see if it may be 
of assistance to you, first read the works of Steven Brust, then become 
knowledgeable enough about them that you can read things into them and 
speculate on the greater meaning inside them that probably isn't there, then 
sign up today.

*in very fast low tones at the end* Note: The Dragaera list may cause 
addiction, some readers become addicted and become even more restless if 
they do not have their constant fill of semi-intellectual debate. If 
messages begin to lull or a reader is forced to participate in other 
activities that take them away from the list withdrawals may occur. Please 
ask your local science-fiction/fantasy retailer and-or list member to see if 
this list is right for you.

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