[OT] Most Promising New Author?

Sat Mar 1 14:51:19 PST 2003

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>>> Time, David Goldfarb <goldfarb at OCF.Berkeley.EDU> writes:
>>> [Jo Walton's great novels]
>> As opposed to all of her terrible boring novels? :-)
>Okay, the "great" was redundant. :)

Sorry.  I realize that sort of construction is often more economical
of words than a subordinate clause but I can never restrain myself
>from at least *thinking* stuff like the above.

>Well, I didn't know you could do searches like that.  (I've
>never actually seen a LiveJournal before.)
>Now where am I going to find time to read all this?

Can't help you with that one.

>> Tor's attitude seems to be that they publish authors rather
>> than books. I.e., if Jo wants to write something 
>> different, they won't push her to write in-series.
>Okay, and good for them, but I don't understand why they'd
>buy unrelated works and not buy a sequel.  (Unless they know
>(or suspect) that she's more interested in the non-sequels
>and don't want to pressure her.)

I think we are talking slightly at cross-purposes here.  I have
no reason to believe that Tor would *not* buy a sequel if and
when Jo writes it.  She's the one who wants to do something different
at the moment.  I interpreted Jo's statement as saying that if
Tor really wants _Breaking the Ward_ now, they should specifically
request it.  (And give her a contract and an advance.)

>[still quoting Jo's LJ]
>>>> Meanwhile, I want to fiddle about with the edges of 
>>>> fantasy and perception.)
>>> What's wrong with doing both at the same time?
>> I get the impression that she finds it hard to work on more 
>> than one book at a time.
>I meant fiddling with fantasy and perception in _BtW_.

The setting of the new book (which seems to have acquired working
titles of either _Lifelode_ or _The Back of Elfland_) is much more
conducive to it.

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