Sethra's House

Sun Mar 2 19:37:05 PST 2003

On Sun, 2003-03-02 at 15:28, Jot Powers wrote:
> > > Yes, there's a link off of http://dragaera.info/  However, I'll warn you
> > > that the archive setup isn't that great and tends to be a pain to
> > > navigate. 
> > 
> > Sorry you don't like it.  It's the best archive setup I know for
> > mailing lists, personally. 
> Um...the real feature that is lacking, unless I'm just missing
> it, is a search.

Although I do enjoy search, I find google can be plenty useful for
that.  The feature that is sorta the key feature for how useful/friendly
I find a web mailing list archive to be is its threading mode.  If it
has a threaded mode, then great.  If not, I usually find it to much
trouble to use.

For an example of what I consider decent threading, check out:

That's pipermail, which is the mailling list archive software that's
include as part of mailman (www.list.org), a very popular piece of
software for running mailing lists.