Mon Mar 3 14:15:21 PST 2003

Ryan asked:
> This leads me to believe that the standard definition of "shrug" is a
> visible, physical raising of the shoulders, and this brings me to my
> next question, which is: who shrugs?

I shrug.  Sometimes it indicates indifference, often the movement of my
shoulders is subtle, perhaps barely noticible, esp. compared to the
simultaneous tilt of my head and possibly a facial cue.  The absolute
minimalist shrug involves a raising and lowering of my right eyebrow and a
very slight grimace.  It means I don't agree, but am not going to voice my


He later asked:
> Hmm. It would be interesting to learn where the rest of you are from. I
> wonder if we could find a pattern here.

Hartford, CT for broad values of Hartford.