Brust sighting....

Mon Mar 3 18:28:42 PST 2003

There is a small, local (well, local to me) convention happening the 14th
through 16th of March, and since it is getinng close (well, maybe a little
too close) to time, I thought I might announce that Mr. Brust will be

The website with relevant information is www.technicon.org and the con is
Technicon.  For anyone vaugely familiar with Virginia, we are in
Blacksburg, which is in the southwest, about 45 min down from Roanoke.  For
those of you with no idea where I am talking about, Blacksburg is the home
of Virginia Tech.  There's nothing else out here but the university and the
cows.  And there's alot of cows.  

Anyway...back on topic.  Please come and be drooling fan-boys&girls with us.

Really, back to lurking now.