Boredom Relief Through Conspiracy....

Wed Mar 5 06:09:17 PST 2003

On Tue, 2003-03-04 at 16:22, Jason Derleth wrote:

> I've forgotten, despite the fact that it's only been days since I read
> the book that mentions it, but didn't Mario kill the decadent Phoenix


> and start the Interregnum? 

Sorta.  Mario killed the Emperor which caused Adron's spell the go
wonky, which caused Sethra to teleport the Orb to the Paths of the Dead,
which caused the Interregnum.  Or at least that's how Paarfi relates
it.  Either way, I think its certain that the Interregnum was caused by
some combination of Adron, Mario, and Sethra, even though I think Adron
gets most of the blame, and Mario most of the glory[1].

> Wouldn't that rule Loiosh out?

Not at all.  Here's the original theory:

[1] From the Jhereg at least.