Question about Devera

Wed Mar 5 06:48:03 PST 2003

On Wednesday, March 5, 2003, at 09:42 AM, Jag wrote:

> It seems that more of your arguments boil down to a phonetic alphabet
> would be difficult to understand.  Well, I'll state the claim that a
> phonetic alphabet would be no different from the spoken word, so any
> argument about why english is not good with a phonetic language, is an
> argument about why english is not good as a spoken language.  And
> english seems to have served just fine as a spoken language for a good
> number of centuries.
> Jag

English has a long and twisted history which led to its current state. 
First English, despite, everything, is still a Germanic lanquage, not a 
Romance lanquage. Way back, Old English was very much a dialect of 
German but it evolved and the French via William I got involved, piling 
on all sorts of Frenchisms. Later, greek and latin words were piled on. 
Now we have a mess but a wonderful mess. I mean, how many laquages made 
D'oh an official word?