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Wed Mar 5 08:18:10 PST 2003

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> The diversity of English spelling is sometimes a weakness and 
> sometimes a 
> strength; but discussions of spelling or writing systems in 
> general have 
> little to do with spoken language.
> [1] Japanese has the same reason not to switch, but 
> amplified: Japanese 
> syllable structure is far simpler than English and there are 
> fewer sounds, 
> so there are many more homonyms in Japanese.  The 

Without homonyms we wouldn't have puns. I'm not sure if that's a good or
a bad thing.

Out of curiousity, has anyone read anything by Merritt Ruhlen? I don't
know if he's a relative (although it's likely) but I know he has a
couple linguistics books out and I've read mixed reviews about them.