Question about Devera

Wed Mar 5 13:50:26 PST 2003

>Correct.  The communcation is understood.  Like I said, *what* you say is
>more important that *how* you say it, although I agree that "how" 
>influences how easily the intended meaning is communicated.  Your method
>of communication is intended to be a main focus of the entertainment, 
>without meaning the delivery would not have its intended affect.

I think that the type of communication is an important factor.  If I am 
reading a novel with an artistic bent, for instance, I am going to be far 
more tolerant of convolusion and creative wordplay and may even consider it 
a positive feature.  If, on the other hand, I am reading a technical 
document while trying to debug a flaky server, I am going to be rather 
irritated if the author can not express her ideas in a clear and simple 
manner that requires a minimal amount of interpretation (and I would dearly 
love to see a technical document written by this mythical author).

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